If someone is being an asshole to you and you want the public to know who he or she was and how big of an asshole they were, here is how you do it:

Make a report in your own words and post it on our site.

You may remain anonymous or include your name on the report, that’s for you to decide!

You are free to mention the assholes name, picture or anything that might help recognize him or    her

If it was someone who gave you the finger on the road or kept honking at you in a traffic jam, his number plate would do just fine.

You are free to rant and include how you were treated by the asshole and why you were treated that way.

Tell the asshole off, and how you would like the asshole to make amends for treating you that way.

Follow these steps to have your report ready to publish on our site:

Give the assholes company name or the assholes individual information like their name, address, phone number, e-mail and web address.

Title your report using descriptive words, describing what they did to you.

Write your story.

Categorize your report by selecting from our list of categories.

CLICK ON SUBMIT, and watch how it all plays out!

The goal is to have the situation resolved.

We are all about privacy and make every step as easy as possibly for you to stay anonymous.

We never ask for your telephone number or address, feel free to use a fake name when you register or post a report.

All you need to do to get started is to set up an account with your email address and your username. Don’t worry your email is completely safe with us.

We provide you with a means to vent your frustration while keeping you anonymous, but in case the asshole went too far and you want to make it personal go ahead and share your real name and information, we don’t mind at all.