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Definition of ASSHOLE- A stupid, incompetent, detestable person

Definition of ASSHOLES.COM- A place to complain and let the world know about stupid, incompetent, detestable people or maybe a crappy work environment that you have to endure.

At we feel that no one should have to deal with an asshole. It is bad enough as we go through life we have to face these occurrences, unexpected events, and unfortunate situations,then when you need help or service some Asshole gives you the runaround or treats you like crap.

This website is not only limited to people you know,anyone can report a jerk that cut you off or flipped you the finger at a traffic light, your Boyfriend or Girlfriend that did you dirty,everyone has had a Jerk of a Boss or Co-Worker,well on you can let anyone know they are an asshole!

 If you are tired of being stepped on or treated like dirt,then vent it here at!

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